Love Letter to the Arts: Let Me Count the Ways….

Since the youngest age, the arts have remained my abiding passion. I was fortunate to attend dance classes and take piano lessons as a child while enjoying exposure to art and theater. In my world, cultural treasures became my riches.

Reasons for Lifelong Cultural Love Affair

Even when loving the arts didn’t make financial sense, I couldn’t resist. During periods of economic turmoil, the cultural world was the only one that continued to offer hope. Here are 5 reasons why the arts have remained my salvation:

1. The arts are a constant source of inspiration and solace.
2. Involvement in creative endeavors is a way of showing that any achievement is still possible.
3. Exposure to others’ artistic expression provides an open window on different perceptions and experiences in the world.
4. Cultural events spark new ideas and an interest in innovation.
5. The arts add positive energy in a tumultuous world and offer a way to say “yes” to life.

Specific Ways to Support the Arts

If you are a fellow arts lover, you can take concrete steps to show your support. Here are just a few:

1. Buy tickets to cultural events, so organizations can thrive.
2. Discuss exhibits and shows that you see, encouraging others to attend.
3. Exchange ideas about artwork–and the emotions and thoughts that they prompt.
4. Tap into inspirational work to find your own personal expression and connect with your source of creativity.
5. Acknowledge and celebrate others with artistic gifts to show your appreciation now!

Why do you think that the arts matter? Please post your comments.

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