Dream in Color: Collaboration Between Poet and Artist

Creative collaboration has the power to deepen the developmental process, elevate individual work and enhance the final result.

The recently released Dream in Color by poet Allison Whittaker and watercolor artist Pritha Srinivasan is an example of creative collaboration at its best. This new book, combining artistic and literary talents, offers a beautiful and thought-provoking exploration of the human experience.

The poet and artist spent several years drawing from mutual inspiration in a reciprocal process. Sometimes, Srinivasan read Whittaker’s poems before painting. Other times, Whittaker started writing after viewing Srinivasan’s paintings.

Dynamic Watercolor Media and Lyrical Verse Capture Duality 

Together, the dynamic watercolor media and lyrical verse capture the subtle duality of an experience. As if frozen in time, the new book taps into and evokes powerful emotions.

“Allison and I felt strongly that this selection of our work offer something provocative for a wide audience,” Srinivasan explains. “We wanted to create a kaleidoscope, where it is easy to turn to a page and find insight within color and sound and imagery.”

Whittaker further explains the duality of this creative collaboration: “Pritha and I are from different east-west upbringings, finding ourselves living literally on either side of a stream in Potomac, but our work reflects a common shared experience. There is an undercurrent of something other, something beautiful, in all the world has to dish out, which continuously reveals itself as we age and evolve in our own perspectives. Bringing this undercurrent to the forefront is something Pritha and I hoped to accomplish in our book.”

More Information About the Artist and Poet

Self-taught watercolor artist Pritha Srinivasan has award-winning work in the permanent collection of the City of Gaithersburg. She also exhibits at other prestigious venues throughout Maryland, including the Strathmore Mansion.

Poet Allison Whittaker is the former publisher of Boston Review. For more about the author, see


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