Abstract Artist Marcia Scott: Exhibit at the Cello Factory in London

Marcia Scott 's Evolve (oil on canvas - 198 x 198 cm) Photo: Justin Piperger

London-based abstract artist Marcia Scott will show more than 30 of her recent abstract paintings in Back to the Future – Dreaming In Color – Here And Now. The exhibit will run from March 1-14, 2018, at the Cello Factory in London.

“I feel like a modern day explorer. My work is a search for an authentic road to freedom. Art is a powerful force for change.”

~Marcia Scott

Scott deals with issues such as the relationship between complexity and simplicity, absence and presence, and abstraction and figuration. Through geometry, colors and the texture of paint, she  develops new languages. The artist follows an existential path, exploring the primal act of taking earth and water and making paint.

At the Cello Factory, the public will see a selection of Scott ’s paintings, created in her London studio. They are inspired by a vivid desire for freedom and celebrating art, community and evolution. Her work is both sensuous and sculptural.

In the exhibition, Scott explores the versatility of gloss enamel paint to create works that have been likened to musical scores in their interplay between colors and shapes. The saturated backgrounds are prepared with pure color and then treated in a process-based technique of pouring and dripping to create flowing shapes. Scott declares her subject comes from the inquiry of what it is to be human.

Painting portraits from a young age, Marcia Scott is a St. Martin’s graduate, who lives and works in Southwark, London. She moved into abstract art after being asked to assist Frank Bowling at his studio. She then chose to embark on a spiritual journey, making her own mark in abstraction, creating pieces as large as Blue Dragon – over 4 meters wide – and as small as Geronimo  – 20 x 20 cm – both to be in the show.

After a number of successful exhibitions in the United States, Spain and the UK, Scott’s Back to the Future – Dreaming In Color – Here And Now will intrigue viewers at the Cello Factory in London.

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