Preferred Media: Blogs, Podcasts or Videos?

In the Internet age of podcasts and videos, does the written word still have value? For those who despair about the destiny of long- and even short-form journalism, news of the venerated New York Times shifting away from traditional op-eds signals another attempt to stay afloat in the current media landscape. The increasing interest in videos and podcasts on all fronts continues to strike deeper blows to print media–and anyone who delights in words taking shape on a page.

Common Denominator of New Media

Although blogs, podcasts and videos take different forms, a common denominator still guides each one: good storytelling based on a compelling pattern of words. Tapping into our childlike sense of wonder, each one can capture our attention when delivered with literary finesse. As mini-essays that come to life, they simply take communication in new directions.

Words Still Matter in All Communication Forms

At the heart of any communication, the formation of words will always matter. When they come together fluidly and poetically, words have the power to make music. Lyrical writing dances on a page or screen, touching our spirits in podcasts when read with emotion or making us laugh in the underbelly of a funny video.

Multiple Options to Convey Thoughts

Few can deny that podcasts and videos have destroyed the interest in and ability to read long articles. However, words are not disappearing but simply taking new shapes. Although they are less visible in new media, words still form the foundation of all effective communication.

Favorite Media Form and Effective Writing Services

Do you prefer blogs, podcasts or videos–and why? Artsphoria’s experienced team can help you produce all forms of communication based on our effective writing services. By enhancing your message through every vehicle, we will tell your story powerfully because of our unwavering love of musical words.

Andrea Hammer
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