Arts Journalism on a Mission

Sometimes, a word or idea takes hold and won’t let go. It starts as a whisper around the edges of your mind. Then, the concept shouts insistently, urging you to take action.

The seed was planted years ago during–and despite–the upheaval of the publishing industry. The rebel in you (read: writer) first felt shock, then confusion and now unrelenting outrage.

Shrinking Arts Coverage in Print

In a permanently altered media landscape, your voice refuses to be silenced. You search regularly for this essential nourishment but are left hungry after only occasional nibbles. You continue to question, without a satisfying reply: How can others dismiss arts journalism when these reviews highlight the only world that helps you feel awake and alive?                                                                                                                    

Toward that end,  Artsphoria is dedicated to keeping arts journalism alive by:

  • Calling attention to innovative artistic work
  • Supporting the cultural world, a vital component of civilized society
  • Encouraging an exchange of ideas to spark creative projects
  • Serving as an insistent reminder that the arts play a vital role in our daily lives

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Andrea Hammer
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Andrea Karen Hammer is the founder, director and owner of Artsphoria Publishing, Media Group & Shop ( Artsphoria International Magazine (; Artsphoria Movie Reviews & Film Forum (; Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center (; Artsphoria Event Advertising & Reporting (; Artsphoria: Food for the Soul (; Artsphoria Animation & Imagination World ( and Artsphoria Shop ( She is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer who has published articles in international publications.

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