Podcasts, Voice-Overs & More

Do you remember the pleasure of listening to stories as a child? Have you attended an author reading as an adult or listened to a podcast, picking up nuances from the writer’s voice that you missed in print? Do you need an effective voice-over for a commercial or promotion, which will help consumers respond more rapidly?

Effective Results From Podcasts & Voice-Overs

When you use podcasts and voice-overs to promote products and services online, your company will experience multiple benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Create a more personal connection with consumers
  • Add a distinctive element to presentations and promotions
  • Build a larger audience to increase sales

Audio Clips Sprinkled Throughout Artsphoria Magazine

To bring some of the personal essays on Artsphoria to life, you can listen to podcasts by some of the writers. As you listen to these audio clips, we hope that you will:

  • Enjoy this added element
  • Gain greater insights into the material
  • Connect with a spark to increase your own creativity

Podcasts, Voice-Overs and Other Audio Services

Are you ready to develop a compelling video about your artistic process or innovative product? Do you need an effective voice-over to support a funding request? Would you like to add an audio component to your article, profile or Q&A on Artsphoria or as part of a submission package for another project?

Our experts can provide an engaging podcast or voice-over for your:

  • Advertisement
  • Audio book
  • Creative project
  • Podcast
  • Video

For more information about audio and writing services that form personal connections and make your story come alive, email Artsphoria Founder & Director Andrea Karen Hammer at