Let’s face it. In theory, the idea of travel is completely romantic. But like an outdoor picnic that inevitably lures bees, a few inconveniences are sometimes integral to both experiences. Occasionally, a small price must be paid while venturing along the path to bliss.

Trip Expenses

First — and foremost — travel expenses put a substantial dent in our bank accounts. With the rising cost of gas, travel is not a cheap pastime. Here are some of the expenses involved:

  • Getting to the airport
  • Paying for airfares
  • Securing decent hotel accommodations
  • Flipping for meals
  • Enjoying even moderate entertainment

If you have taken a short excursion, you know that all of these items add up  quickly. Even with a generous budget, the total cost of a trip is often double the amount originally estimated.

Additional Inconveniences

Along the way, travelers often face additional inconveniences.

When we final arrive at our destination, the hotel that looked so luxurious on the Internet may actually have smelly rooms — or a shared bathroom at the opposite end of the hallway. At 3 a.m., after half a night of thrashing in a lumpy bed in search of elusive sleep, the all-night party next door may not provide universal entertainment.

Rewards Beyond the Inconveniences

Traveling actually requires a fair number of sacrifices, despite the promise of indulgent perks at a glorious destination. Why travel? Read the stories on Artsphoria, and email Artsphoria Founder & Director Andrea Karen Hammer at for advertising details now!