For those who enjoy good storytelling, theater brings characters and their circumstances to life. Up close and personal as they move across a stage, actors and actresses convey a tale right before the audience’s eyes. With greater immediacy than film, we can observe real-time facial expressions and performers’ reactions as the acts of a play unfold.

Ancient Roots Hold Strong Today

With roots grounded in ancient times, theater has continued to fascinate viewers over time. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Talents of actors and actresses, weaving an engrossing web
  • Gifts of production and set designers, constructing effective backdrops
  • Skills of costumes designers, re-creating authentic period clothing

Community Theater Productions to Broadway Shows 

From small theater productions in our local communities to large Broadway shows, we are drawn to plays of every size. They continue to mesmerize us because of the following reasons:

  • Powerful and dramatic form of storytelling
  • Sense of immediacy and ability to watch interaction in the moment
  • Ways that actors and actresses play off each other and adapt to surprises spontaneously

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