Do you like to watch news tickers, so you can keep up with breaking news? Are you hungering for a fix of the latest cultural updates to help you get through the day? Would you like to enjoy more arts coverage, given the shrinking space currently designated in many print publications?

Expanded Edition of Artsphoria Keeps Cultural News Flowing

If you feel like you’ve been on an arts diet because of slim pickings elsewhere, Artsphoria Magazine serves up a continual feast! With all of the arts news flowing our way, we’ll dish up plentiful helpings for you to devour. Throughout these pages, you’ll find international arts coverage about the following:

  • Current exhibits at museums and galleries
  • Details about dance and musical performances
  • Info about favorite, current and upcoming films
  • Updates about new books and authors
  • Descriptions of theater shows and more

Overflowing Buffet to Satisfy Your Arts and Entertainment Hunger

Besides tips about events that you shouldn’t miss, Artsphoria Magazine digs even deeper. Our cultural buffet includes:

  • Tasty morsels about new restaurants and chefs’ latest food art
  • Insider’s look at design, fashion and photography shows
  • Tips about auctions to help you get a deal for your art collection
  • Updates about travel destinations sparking artistic inspiration
  • Latest news about unique handmade gift items and discounts

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