High and low notes: Is your ear trained to hear both in the In the Key of Life? Do you notice the background music, influencing our reactions to commercials and films? Are you aware of the ways that music guides the movement in dance and theater performances, building our emotions to a crescendo?

Wave-Like Form of Communication

Music has the power to carry us along like waves. Rising and dipping, dark or uplifting sounds have the ability to:

  • Shape our responses and moods
  • Convey feelings in a unique way
  • Strike powerful and moving chords

Centrality to Multiple Art Forms

Although many experience music independently at concerts, various renditions inform many other artistic processes. Some of these include:

  • Dance
  • Film
  • Theater

Beyond these areas, a sense of rhythm may also guide design, writing and other creative projects. As you look at your work, can you see or hear the beat?

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