When you enjoy good health, the possibilities seem endless. You feel strong and have endurance to go the mile. However, if you are struggling with constant fatigue or dealing with mobility issues, your life is literally strapped.

When those of us at Artsphoria have hit these bumps, the arts have remained a saving grace. Time and again, they have provided a guaranteed way to recharge and revive our bodies and spirits.

Arts as a Source of Renewal

During various chapters in our lives, most of us will face some type of health challenge. To regain our equilibrium, the arts can help to restore our health in the following ways:

  • Provide a positive outlet during frustrating periods
  • Offer a distraction from discomfort and pain
  • Deliver insights into ways others have coped with similar issues

Culture & Entertainment as Key Factors in Good Health

Studies have indicated that the arts help to maintain good health. Here are some of the ways:

  • Balance intense work demands
  • Relieve stress in every area of our lives
  • Allow release of negative feelings and promote positive vibes

Share Your Experiences & Advertise Health Products, Services & Programs

Can you share the ways that cultural interests or endeavors have helped you cope with a health problem or recuperate? Do you run a health program, drawing on the beneficial impact of the arts? Post your comments, and email Artsphoria Founder & Director Andrea Karen Hammer at for advertising information.