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Green: the color of life and growth. In the garden, a close look at nature offers an endless source of creative inspiration. When artists use recycled materials and innovators develop ways to protect the environment, we can continue to tap into this vibrant life force.


Beyond the pleasure of digging our hands in the earth, gardeners revel in the profound gift of nature’s artistry. As we watch seeds grow into colorful flowers, we can draw from this vivid palette in the following ways:

  • Observe natural forms to shape our artistic creations
  • Train our eyes to discover new patterns in intricate details
  • Translate and integrate these images into unique designs


For those who are dedicated to protecting the environment, “green” practices guide our lives. Artists and innovators who are committed to this mission skillfully:

  • Take found objects and re-purpose them into artwork
  • Avoid buying or using materials that will add to landfills
  • Design inventions that will protect the earth

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