A fruit dessert makes beautiful food art. Photo copyright 2016 Artsphoria/Andrea K. Hammer

Some foodies believe that we eat with our eyes first. If you take that observation literally, you may wonder how that is possible. However, think about your reaction when someone places a plate in front of you.

Besides inhaling the aromas, you register the appeal of each dish with your eyes. Before the first forkful, you assess the visual presentation of a meal or special dessert.

Food Art Trend

In recent years, top chefs have placed a high value on food art. They arrange each morsel on a plate with meticulous care, expressing their individual artistry. To top off the skilled preparation of delicious food, they serve up a feast for the eyes.

Meals as a Sensory Experience

For most of us, food has a powerful connection to our cultural backgrounds. Here are some of the sensations that meals can evoke:

  • When someone takes the time to prepare one of our favorite dishes, we feel treasured.
  • A visually appealing presentation indirectly suggests that the recipients were worth the effort.
  • Delicious and beautiful meals and desserts create a common language of pure delight!

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