Why do we enjoy sitting with strangers in a large, dark auditorium to watch a movie unfold? How can we remain still for 2 hours and stay fixated on a screen, revealing others’ experiences? A universal passion for film provides a source of commonality, unifying diverse cultures and bridging other divides.

Irresistible Attraction to Movies

Since the earliest silent films, cinema has provided endles hours of entertainment. Audiences have remained spellbound, watching movies in all types of genres including:

  • Classics
  • Comedy
  • Documentaries
  • Romance
  • Thrillers
  • Travelogues

Fascination With Other People, Places and Experiences

Some find it easier to connect with people who have similar values and backgrounds. However, a chance to learn about other places and cultures enlarges the boundaries of our personal worlds. Film allows us to:

  • Travel to other times and locations
  • Explore the motivations of complex characters
  • Reconsider existing beliefs and viewpoints

On a more basic level, many turn to movies for pure entertainment. Others simply need a good laugh!

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