One of the intriguing aspects of dance is its ability to communicate without words. Although the team at Artsphoria has enjoyed a lifelong passion for language, we are equally drawn to all forms of powerful communication. Here are some reasons why dance ranks at the top of our list.

Expression of Emotions & More

In some ways, dance can convey feelings unlike any other form of art. This result is achieved because:

  • Dance has the ability to tap into raw emotions.
  • Nuances in individual and group gestures can elicit different sensations.
  • When movement connects to music, magic is created!

Lasting Imprints of Dance Memories

Can you remember taking a jazz class and feeling pure joy moving to the beat? Do you recall a Latin dance number with a ballroom partner, when you felt like two moved as one? Are you still visualizing the toe shoes, which you threw away in a fit of rebellion as a teen?

All of these memories leave a lasting imprint, helping us recognize that leaps in every aspect of our lives are possible with:

  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Practice

These are just some of the valuable gifts of dance. Artsphoria is interested in learning about your thoughts!

Share Your Dance Stories & Reviews

Can you describe the way that a dance teacher shaped the direction of your life? Do you have a story to tell about dance classes, which enhanced your adult years? Share your dance experiences and reviews of performances on Artsphoria.

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