September 21, 2018 0

Turning a bright spotlight on the history of disability portrayals in entertainment, superstars have joined forces to empower CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion. The stand-out collection of talented actors and actresses includes Ben Affleck, Jamie Foxx, […]


Film Preview: Life Itself Movie Trailer

September 8, 2018 0

Many movie lovers will relate to the family-centric themes in Life Itself, which is scheduled for release on September 21, 2018. The film focuses on a young New York couple transitioning from college romance to marriage […]


Film Review: “Maudie”

September 6, 2018 0

Film review by Andrea Karen Hammer Drawn from the real-life story of the folk painter Maud Lewis who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, this film captures the way that art can fill challenging lives with joy. […]


SHINE: Watch the Movie Trailer

August 28, 2018 0

Dancer and movie lovers interested in films about family as well as community dynamics will definitely want to put the SHINE on their watch list. Two Puerto Rican brothers, Ralphi Matas (Jorge Burgos) and Junior […]


Colette Movie Trailer and More

July 29, 2018 0

colette-movie-trailer.movno-descriptioDenise Gough stars as Missy and Keira Knightley as Colette in COLETTE, a Bleecker Street releasenbitrate 7158 kb/sheight 720duration 00:02:30.82fps 23.98width 1280originaldate 2018-07-10T14:42:15.000000ZdurationBySeconds 150 After marrying a successful Parisian writer known commonly as “Willy” (Dominic […]


The Happy Prince: Watch the Movie Trailer

July 29, 2018 0

the-happy-prince-TheHappyPrince_Trailer_Videomaster_TEXTED_h264_hd.movThe Happy Prince, movie trailer, Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Emily WatsonThe Happy Princebitrate 7074 kb/sheight 720duration 00:02:11.26fps 23.98width 1280originaldate 2018-07-26T09:56:23.000000ZdurationBySeconds 131

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