So many books, so little time! Whether you like to hold these works of art in your hands or read carefully crafted words on an electronic reader, book lovers are in a race against time. We carve out minutes and hours during our busy days to immerse ourselves in gifted authors’ storytelling.

Book Authors’ Insights

Some of us enjoy reading a book because it takes us away from our own lives. Others value this pastime for the following reasons:

  • To revel in the artistry of lyrical writing
  • To immerse ourselves in an extended and layered tale
  • To understand how others deal with life’s challenges

Food for the Soul and Imagination

Beyond these points, a good book offers fundamental nourishment for our spirits. These stories have the ability to:

  • Help us feel connected to others who have experienced similar circumstances
  • Offer a way to dream about other places or choices we would like to explore
  • Provide a way to feel refreshed after a relaxing getaway in the comfort of our own home!

Here are some other important reasons to read.

Share Your Reasons to Read, Favorite Books and Reviews of New Releases

Can you articulate why it is important to take time for reading books? Do you find it more difficult to focus with the distraction of overflowing information on the Internet? Can you recommend a book, or would you like to submit a review of a new release?

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