Claes Oldenburg’s Paint Torch outside the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia (Photo copyright 2016 Artsphoria/Andrea K. Hammer)

“Are the arts still relevant today?” Without a doubt, yes!

Imagine a World Without Color

Imagine a world without color. We would not see any vibrant splashes of blue, red, green or yellow. When we enter a building, the walls would be bare–and completely drab. We would not have the chance to contemplate artists’ creations or feel unexpected emotions, which they often stir.

As we walk around cities, we would not see any public art. For example, we would not pause and look at Claes Oldenburg’s 51-foot-high Paint Torch outside the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. We would simply drag through the day without any of these bright spots for inspiration or prompts to look at the world in different ways.

Opportunity to Gain New Perspectives

You may not care for some of the art that you see, but that is part of the point. When you look at a public sculpture, museum piece or any type of art, most of the time you react. Whether the feeling elicited is favorable or not, artwork ensures that you are not numb and often results in the following:

  • Strong emotions, which may not be tapped otherwise
  • Challenges to look at the world from completely different angles
  • Opportunity to understand others’ viewpoints and experiences

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