Artsphoria Publishing’s Debut Novel Plus Specialized Book Production Services

By Andrea K. Hammer

As we have learned during the last 18 months, windows on the world provide pathways to freedom. The views of our immediate surroundings provide a starting point, which may lead to an enlarged vision.

In Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel, the cultural riches in Philadelphia shape and inform the setting of the firtst chapter. With conversations about the arts propelling the story forward, this energizing force is an ongoing theme as chapters focus on different locations around the world.

Here are the ways that the power of storytelling and immersion in cultural interests are sources of healing and strength in Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel:

Power of Storytelling

In any circumstance, stories allow the mind and spirit to wander freely. The main characters in Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel rely on these always accessible and empowering sources of connection to offer each other support, wisdom and understanding.

Significant Role of the Arts

Throughout Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel, the arts provide pathways to exchange ideas and understand the larger world. In chapters based in international locations, cultural influences add depth and meaning to the characters’ lives.

Conversations About Movies and Curated Film List

Another central force shaping Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel is a shared passion for movies. Drawing inspiration from a curated film list with more than 500 entries, the complete real-life element is featured in the deluxe print edition.

Value of Independent Bookstores and Actual Book Reviews

Discussions about the value of independent bookstores and actual book reviews are woven into this reality-inspired work of fiction. Highlights from a previously published essay, titled “Why Read?” are also integrated, with the complete version supplied in the deluxe print edition along with other bonus material. Watch for details about the release of various editions soon!

Book Production Services: Arts and Creative Business Books Plus Memoirs and Women’s Issues

Do you need an experienced team to edit, proofread and produce your book? Artsphoria Publishing specializes in fiction and non-fiction work focusing on the arts and creative business. We also amplify the voices of writers highlighting strong women as well as memoirs addressing universal issues.

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