Applause for Artists, Creators and Cultural Organizations Surviving Against the Odds

By Andrea K. Hammer

A recent walk through Old City in Philadelphia was an eye opener. Several gallery locations were empty, and a few stalwarts remained beacons of light. The Clay Studio and a multimedia display at the Cherry Street Pier signaled signs of life along the previously bustling but relatively barren streets.

Questions About Artistic Sustainability

The visible impact of the last year and a half continue to prompt several questions about artistic sustainability. What are the qualities that enable creators to survive, with the added strain of a global crisis? During multiple shutdowns, how do artists continue to reach audiences without the support of traditional venues? What traits do sculptors, painters, musicians, dancers and writers need to sustain themselves, so they can continue to percolate and develop ideas or complete projects independently?

Creators Familiar With Adversity

The decision to pursue an artistic life is made with the clear knowledge of inherent challenges. Financial gain, although welcome, is generally not the primary motivation. With the odds currently stacked against thriving as an artist, why borrow additional trouble on top of existing pandemic obstacles?

Driving Force Propels Artists and Writers Down Bumpy Road

Despite the headaches, most artists and writers create simply because they have a compelling idea or vision to express. A driving force propels many down this road–even when warning signs ensure bumpy roads ahead. With the current pandemic obstacles and detours, why are some creators capable of reaching their destination when others give up? In short, persistence and a stubborn refusal to quit help many ride out the storm.

Ways the Pandemic Has Altered the Creative Process

Has the pandemic changed your creative process? Does the constant presence of COVID-19 shape subject matter or the way you work? How have you adapted to these ongoing challenges?

As art shows open, theater curtains go up and new movies are released for the fall and winter season–against all of the current odds–please stand with Artsphoria to give these determined artists and creators an extra round of applause!

Andrea Hammer
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