Call to Artists, Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Musicians & Other Creators: Join Together for Peace & Justice

By Andrea Karen Hammer

Are you an artist or writer who feels shattered after witnessing the heartbreaking events of the last weeks? Are you a photographer, filmmaker, musician, writer or other creator interested in helping our deeply pained nation heal?

Although many arts budgets have been further reduced–or eradicated–since the pandemic, the arts matter more than ever before. Here are some of the vital ways that creativity can help us rebuild collective strength and find a way forward to an inclusive future:

  • Provide an important way to voice and visualize centuries of pain
  • Allow free expression of diverse, personal stories
  • Document historical and current atrocities for greater understanding
  • Offer a way to bridge and share connections among different cultures
  • Produce visions for a more inclusive future as a vital way to heal

Specific Ways That the Arts Community Can Contribute to a Sense of Unity and Inclusive Future

The recent weeks and months have left many across the country–and world–reeling and traumatized. Here are some of the ways that artists for peace and justice can provide desperately needed comfort as well as a sense of unity in our world:

  • Visual artists can create inclusive images to reflect a more accurate representation of cultures around the world.
  • Performing artists can convey the anguish suffered and tell the stories of people from all backgrounds.
  • Photographers can capture compelling images to preserve these life-altering and critical moments in history
  • Filmmakers can document a range of experiences to educate viewers about diversity and different perceptions of the world.
  • Musicians can express the injuries that many have suffered while offering hope and unity to lift spirits.
  • Writers and reporters can introduce new voices and share the viewpoints of those who are frequently not represented.

Artists for Peace and Justice: Create Visions of a More Equitable World to Spark Renewed Hope

Are you an artist, writer, photographer, filmmaker, musician or other creator who firmly believes that the arts matter? Would you like to help create a more inclusive future by supporting the artists for peace and justice movement? Are you interested in sharing your creative work and process on Artsphoria to offer others a sense of renewed hope?

To share your work, contact Artsphoria Founder & Director Andrea Karen Hammer at now!





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