What’s in a Name?: 4 New Books With Effective Titles

By Andrea Karen Hammer

Are book titles important? Without a doubt, yes!

As a distillation of endless hours of work, they are the essence of several hundred pages filled with words. Clever book titles will insist that readers, who are scanning lists of new selections, pause. Irresistible ones will prompt bookstore visitors to claim them and take them home for further exploration.

Here are some new releases, with effective book titles that captivate interest:

More Myself by Alicia Keys

The title More Myself, tapping into the desire for full artistic expression, is particularly captivating coming from the outwardly confident Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys. More Myself, which will be released by Macmillan’s Flatiron Books on Nov. 5, is the first under “An Oprah Book” imprint. In the autobiography/narrative documentary, Alicia Keys shares the fear of listening to her own music and personal experiences openly, along with her ongoing process of self-discovery. Others in her life also add their perspective, creating a three-dimensional story of the superstar who grew up in Hell’s Kitchen and Harlem.

Grit & Grace by Tim McGraw

This poetic title, connecting seemingly opposite qualities, is from Grammy Award-winning country singer Tim McGraw. The book focuses on the negative impact of a rigorous touring schedule on his health, which started going downhill a decade ago. The book, available on Nov. 5 through Harper Wave, explores his decision to make his physical health a priority in an effort to protect his personal happiness and professional success. In Grit & Grace, Tim McGraw discusses his incredible transformation and tips to help others commit to a healthy lifestyle by strengthening mind and body.

Keep It Moving by Twyla Tharp

This energizing book title can double as a daily mantra. In Keep It Moving, the renowned choreographer and bestselling author of The Creative Habit shares her secrets for engaging in movement and continuing to find purpose at every stage of your life.

At 77, Twyla Tharp goes to the gym each morning at daybreak. She uses that energy to maintain a hectic schedule as a teacher, writer, creator and lecturer. After others continually asked how she kept this pace, Twyla Tharp wrote Keep It Moving (available from Simon & Schuster).

Among many helpful insights, the book offers tips for staying motivated. An exercise is also included to help anyone develop a more hopeful and energetic approach to daily life.

We Are Artists by Kari Herbert

With a powerfully declarative title, We Are Artists has a subtitle reinforcing the work’s inherent strength: Women Who Made Their Mark on the World. Kari Herbert illustrated and wrote the book, which celebrates the life and work of 15 female artists from around the world. The colorful collection of interesting biographies will speak to children as well as those who find art and storytelling spellbinding. Polarworld, the small indie publishing company that Kari Herbert started with her husband Huw, produced this book plus others focusing on photography and exploration.

Tips for Good Books With Strong Book Titles

Can you recommend well-written books with captivating book titles? Why do you think they are effective, and what prompted further exploration?

Share your tips for good books, and post your comments about creatively written titles now!



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