FRANKLIN EUGENE – CITRUS at Milan Fashion Week

Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs CITRUS

During Milan Fashion Week, Franklin Eugene International LLC had a fashion presentation June 17, 2020, in Milan, Italy.  The fashion house showcased designer Franklin Eugene’s latest menswear collection, CITRUS. The designer focused on a citrus color palette including lime green, lemon yellow, vibrant orange and tomato red.

“Like the elements of citrus that inspired the collection, these clothes are light, fresh, and vivacious.  This is fun fashion,” said Mr. Eugene.

Stitched with fabrics that include organic cottons, silks and wool, this collection is Franklin Eugene’s take on incorporating citrus colors and prints into a spring/summer menswear collection.  The clothing is light weight, comfortable and soft as well as sun, surf and sand ready.  The collection remains true to Mr. Eugene’s signature style affections: clean lines, strong cuts and fantastic finish work.

Twist on Classics Through Innovative Designs

Once again, we see the designer lean forward and innovate with a first look at what is likely to become a brand fan favorite: the Franklin Eugene trench shirt (a range of shirt designs drawn from the style of trench coats).  In this collection, Franklin Eugene provides an edgy twist on a classy white suit and dips into swimwear with fully lined lemon and orange print swim shorts.

These designs are some of Franklin Eugene’s most relaxed: Without a tie in sight, the clothes are light, bright and airy with a balanced array of full leg, skinny and standard width trousers.  For every buttoned-up shirt, there is a shirtless suit.

Citrus Theme for Fun and Light Menswear Collection

The citrus theme permeates the menswear collection: From the lemon and orange splashed swim shorts to the strategic use of lime green, Franklin Eugene remains true to the clean silhouettes and strong cuts that remain brand hallmarks.  Simple with a hint of complexity, this collection is literally and figuratively fun and light.

Franklin Eugene produces men’s bespoke/haute couture, men’s and women’s Italian leather accessories, men’s luxury and ready-to-wear, a select offering of high street clothing. Franklin Eugene International LLC received the Best Luxury Fashion Designer 2018 Award as part of the Global Excellence Awards sponsored by LuxLife Magazine.

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