Mindfulness a Possible Key to Star Power

150% Better Auditions (PRNewsfoto/Kevin Page)
Kevin Page (PRNewsfoto/Kevin Page)

Kevin Page, an actor who also has studied psychology, thinks that mindfulness helps actors and others giving presentations to stay in the moment. With a personal understanding of the need to focus immediately when the camera rolls, he has appeared in more than 70 films and TV episodes. To help other actors, Page wrote a book called 150% Better Auditions that applies meditative techniques to the acting process.

Similarities of Meditation and Actor Training

Page attended graduate school for both acting and psychology, where he studied meditation and consciousness. While completing a master’s degree in psychology, he noticed the similarities of meditation training and actor training. However, acting teachers rarely used mindfulness techniques to help their students.

To solve that problem, Kevin Page started doing research on meditation techniques that cultivate mindfulness or the ability to remain “present.” He discovered research studies by scientists from the University of Rochester, New York, that confirmed mindfulness practice improves “attention to and awareness of current experience or present reality” (Brown & Ryan, 2003). He found other studies that demonstrated positive physical changes in the brain associated with longer-term meditation practice (Brefczynski-Lewis, Lutz, Schaefer, Levinson, & Davidson, 2007; Chiesa, Calati, & Serretti, 2011).

Mindfulness Exercises for Actors, Public Speakers, CEOS and Others

Kevin Page believes that a broader audience of public speakers, business executives and anyone who needs to project high energy and charisma will benefit from these exercises. He thinks that those giving a keynote speech or important business presentation draw on similar techniques as movie or stage star.

Are you a CEO, salesperson or college professor who wants to enhance your presentation? Did you read 150% Better Auditions and follow through on some of these tips? Please share your thoughts and experiences about practicing mindfulness, along with the impact on your work and creative life.

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