Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs Sunlit (Courtesy of Getty Images)

If you think men’s clothes are drab, here is a fashion collection that brightened up Milan Fashion Week!

FRANKLIN EUGENE SUNLIT is a clothing line with sun-influenced, mesh-infused garments, which easily transition to Ibiza-inclined sun-drenched whites that reflect the light. A wrap shirt with a plunging, pleated neck line effortlessly transitions the range and the color palette from white to bronze. The bronze portion of the range brings classic business suits and blazers and all types of fun, fearless satin-detailed casual wear.

“This collection was inspired by our bright morning star at the center of our solar system that is an important source of energy for life, our sun. This collection is all about rays of light, transparency, and a lightness of being that lets the sun shine in and through. It was a joy to create,” Mr. Eugene said.

FRANKLIN EUGENE SUNLIT makes its final range transition from bronze to yellow with a sleeveless color block pull-over. This portion of the clothing line includes silhouettes that channel yellow rays of sunlight. Here, the wrap shirt (a signature look from this collection) makes its appearance along with cropped shirts, tunics and classic looks. FRANKLIN EUGENE SUNLIT makes a unique fashion statement with a yellow tuxedo dinner jacket.

Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs Sunlit (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Would you or your fellow wear these men’s clothes? Let us know your reactions, and post your comments about this fashion collection from Milan Fashion Week now!

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