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Scheduled for release on June 9, 2017, Beatriz at Dinner stars Salma Hayek and John Lithgow. The movie focuses on a holistic medicine practitioner dealing with a car that breaks down. She shows up at a wealthy client’s dinner party, where the fireworks begin!

Here are reactions to the movie trailer from Artsphoria Magazine‘s creative team.

Gloria: As a Salma Hayek fan, I am impressed with how she makes a role so authentic. Watching her transform herself into a medical practitioner, I think that she establishes herself as a strong and dedicated person no matter who she is portraying. I find it interesting that the movie shows a contrast between her life and the wealthy John Lithgow, which makes for dialogue that is snappy repartee. I’m not familiar with John Lithgow‘s work, but his acting ability is praiseworthy in this clip.

This movie trailer is not one that you watch and figure out ahead of time–knowing how it will end. I think that the movie will be an ongoing back-and-forth of opinions and insights of the two main actors. This movie trailer definitely catches my interest.

Andrea: The first striking point, for me, in this Beatriz at Dinner movie trailer was Salma Hayek‘s down-to-earth appearance. Her willingness to crop her hair and appear with minimal make-up are an extreme departure from her glamorous roles. Those signs immediately register notes of real life, particularly for viewers who long to see natural appearances of women in the film industry.

The other noteworthy although sometimes distracting aspect of this trailer involved the eye-catching callouts, flashing periodically throughout the scenes. In an attempt to shape our first impressions of the film as all advertising strives to accomplish, some of these points included references to the Sundance Film Festival, a description of the film as the first in the Trump era, a country in need of jobs and a woman invited to but not welcome at dinner. As a writer who appreciates a clever turn-of-a-phrase, the kicker was the quote that Beatriz at Dinner is an “elegant squirm-inducing” film. Count me in as someone who is interested in this movie!

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