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Based on Jeannette Walls’ 2005 memoir, The Glass Castle is a film scheduled for release on August 11, 2017. The movie features Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, Woody Harrelson and Sarah Snook in a troubling coming-of-age story. Dealing with poverty, this struggling family focuses on an artistic mother, an alcoholic father and imaginative children who search for ways to cope with the challenges they face.

Reactions to The Glass Castle Film Trailer

Here are reactions from the creative team at Artsphoria Magazine to the film trailer:

Gloria: Based on this short clip, I’m intrigued by the three stories in one about the mother, father and children. I’m interested in the question raised about the effects that troubled parents have on children as they grow up and the ways these issues continue to shape their development and lives. The movie seems to address several important points:

    • Do children stand a chance of understanding why their parents suffered?
    • Do they always use these problems as reasons for situations they can’t handle?
    • Do they take responsibility for their own actions or continue to blame their parents?

I’m impressed with the acting in the trailer for the movie, which is well cast. I’m drawn into the story from this short clip, even though the subject will be upsetting. The hollering, which is realistic for a home where the parents are at odds, keeps me from giving it Artsphoria Magazine‘s highest rating of five hearts.

Andrea: The only other points to add after these great insights focus on the actors. Woody Harrelson has clearly risen above his comedic role in the TV series Cheers. Once again, he seems to deliver a riveting dramatic performance, which is worthy of watching. Naomi Watts, who has escaped full recognition for her understated yet powerful acting talents, is another reason to follow this film.

I, personally, prefer films that are lighter with upbeat story lines. Although I probably won’t watch this movie, I definitely recognize the important subject, strong acting and compelling filmmaking techniques in this trailer.

“Connect” Preview Ratings:

What do you think of this movie trailer and our preview ratings for The Glass Castle? Will you add it to your watch list, and why or why not? Comment now!


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