Best Ice Cream Shops in the Philadelphia Area

The Weldon Soda Fountain in Glenside, PA, offers easy wheelchair access in an old-time ice cream shop.

One weekly ritual guaranteed to increase our joy is an ice cream excursion in the Philadelphia area. We have been exploring local venues in search of the best brands and our favorite flavors. Some of us prefer deeply chocolate scoops, and others need creamy smoothness or zesty yogurt worthy of a good shiver!

Here are our current findings, which we will update as our mission continues:

Bassetts in the Reading Terminal: This long-time favorite, which is a fifth-generation family business in Center City Philadelphia, is one of the best. Every spoonful of luscious ice cream from moose tracks to pistachio is deeply satisfying. If you can’t find a seat or need to escape the hubbub of this popular market with fresh produce, ask for a pint to go on dry ice, which will protect your treasure for extended pleasure at home.

The Weldon Soda Fountain in Glenside, PA: An old-style cash register and phone, ice cream parlor chairs and vintage photos create an authentic old-time atmosphere. With bonus points for easy wheelchair access, this ice cream shop in the Keswick Village dishes ice cream from Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream in Doylestown, PA. One member of our party objected to the out-of-view selections and not as generously packed servings, but we were generally delighted with this fun spot in a thriving neighborhood shopping district.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe in Elkins Park, PA: This homey destination offers generous samples to neighborhood families, children and other visitors. With full tables during both of our visits, the tighter aisles and lack of on-the-premises parking made wheelchair navigation more challenging. Despite these obstacles, Nelson’s Ice Cream flavors from peach to oreos-and-cream make this ice cream shop one for repeat visits.

Baskin-Robbins in Glenside, PA: Sharing space with Dunkin’ Donuts, this old stand-by serves delicious ice cream in a franchise atmosphere. Even small sizes of fudge brownie are guaranteed to satisfy in this accessible but often crowded location. Bonus points for coffee lovers who enjoy the combo or need an extra lift!

YoFresh Yogurt Cafe, Jenkintown, PA: The colorful tables and chairs in this shop add to a fun if bland experience. Lower on the richness factor, yogurt here is served in cups that are priced according to weight. You can dress up your selections with generous toppings from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Oreo Cookies.

Your Recommendations for Other Ice Cream Shops

Do you know about other great Philadelphia-area ice cream shops, which you can recommend? What are some others in your city, and why do you enjoy their ice cream? Share your comments, and check back regularly for updates on our ice cream excursions!


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