“Connect” Preview Ratings for Arts and Entertainment News

With a tip of the hat to the outstanding Meet Me at MoMA program, Artsphoria Magazine‘s creative team is launching a new series titled “Connect” Preview Ratings. One of our ongoing goals has been to provide an online cultural destination for those with limited mobility, access or funds. We have remained dedicated to developing a shared space for others facing challenges in their lives with a place to enjoy and exchange ideas about the arts.

Regular Stream of Arts and Entertainment News

We hope that the opportunity to learn about and comment on new creative works, exhibits and performances will help expand worlds for patients, caregivers and other arts lovers. We understand that many with active and alert minds hunger for greater access to the arts, which life’s constraints may not permit. To support this interest in greater creative stimulation, Artsphoria Magazine will share a regular stream of arts and entertainment news received on a daily basis.

Honest Reactions in “Connect” Preview Ratings

Our reviewers will offer honest reactions looking through general viewers’ eyes and “Connect” Preview Ratings (one to five hearts) as guides for sorting through 24/7 entertainment options. With the clock racing faster every day and news tickers competing for our attention, we’ll let you know about new releases and reliable favorites as well as upcoming exhibits and events, which seem worthy of your valuable time. Then, we will look forward to reading your comments and comparing reactions!

Request Details About Arts & Entertainment Preview Services

Would you like our professional reviewers to “heart” your creative works, exhibits or performances? To ensure featured “Connect” Preview Ratings on Artsphoria Magazine, email info@artsphoria.com for details about our arts and entertainment preview services as well as advertising and sponsorship opportunities now!

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Andrea K. Hammer, founder and director of Artsphoria Magazine, is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. She has published articles in international publications. Through this expanded edition of Artsphoria, she invites fellow artists, writers, innovators and creative thinkers to join our conversation!