Gardeners Planting 7 Million Flower Bulbs: Keukenhof in the Netherlands

The gardeners of Keukenhof have planted the first bulbs for a spectacular flower mosaic of Dutch Design (PRNewsFoto/Keukenhof)

Have you tried to create a blanket effect with the flowers in your garden? If so, you know that planting bulbs is back-breaking. After tucking a couple dozen bulbs in the earth, you may feel victorious, as you count the days back to spring.

This massive flower bulb planting project at Keukenhof in the Netherlands will give you some  perspective!

Autumn Planting at Keukenhof  in the Netherlands

Gardeners at Keukenhof in the Netherlands planted the first bulbs for a flower mosaic of Dutch design. During the autumn planting at Keukenhof, which is also known as the Garden of the Europe, about 7 million bulbs will be planted in the park. This garden is one of the largest in the world.

Dutch Design Theme for Flower Bulb Mosaic

The flower shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion are entirely in the style of Dutch design. Two of the inspirational gardens are also dedicated to the 2017 theme.

Famous artists and designers such as Mondriaan and Rietveld have laid the foundations for Dutch design. Even today, many value Dutch designers around the world for their industry-leading work in:

  • Fashion
  • Graphic design
  • Architecture
  • Furniture design

Flower Mosaic Depicts a Mondriaan Painting and Designer Chairs

The flower mosaic depicts a Mondriaan painting combined with designer chairs. Two layers are part of the planting, providing a longer flowering period in the spring. The mosaic–with 80,000 tulips, muscari and crocus–covers an area of 250 square meters.

Keukenhof 2017 opens from March 23 until May 21. Learn more about visiting Holland and enjoying a sea of flowers at the Keukenhof.

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