Tips to “Activate Goodness in Business”

By Andrea K. Hammer

Sometimes, you are fortunate to find the precise book needed for a particular juncture in your personal and business life. Even though the author lives in another part of the world, her voice sounds like one of a trusted and longtime friend. She speaks your language, and the words on every page resonate with meaning.

Here are just some of the valuable points in The Doing Good Model by Shari ArisonShari Arison owns the Arison Group, operating in more than 40 countries across five continents. Forbes ranked her as one of the most powerful women in the world and one of the “greenest” billionaires.

Essential Business Book to Read

As a business owner or organization leader, have you been searching for ways to add meaning to your work? Have you been attempting to find projects that will unify your work group with a greater sense of purpose? In The Doing Good Model, Shari Arison offers these tips for values-driven leadership:

  1. See the bigger picture: For companies and organizations striving to reach their greatest potential, an exclusive focus on financial results will not help them achieve these goals. Instead, take personal responsibility to envision–and implement–ways to improve our collective future.
  2. Build on areas of expertise: Many businesses have the resources to develop and actualize innovative ideas. Non-profits have passionate networks actively supporting positive change.
  3. Achieve personal fulfillment: By immersing yourself in artistic and other gratifying activities, you will energize your life and work. A sense of satisfaction will spill over into every area including your career.

    In Material for Thought, Shari Arison describes her personal journey to achieve inner growth through artistic exploration.
    In Material for Thought, Shari Arison describes her personal journey to achieve inner growth through artistic exploration.
  4. Tap into vitality: Each person in an organization needs to discover and connect with a wellspring of energy. This collective force will help move companies to a higher gorund.
  5. Give through simple acts of kindness: You don’t need money or status to help others. Even small gestures like smiling at a stranger or taking the time to listen with full attention can make a major difference in someone’s day.
  6. Contribute to Good Deeds Day: Volunteer your time on this international Good Deeds Day observed in more than 75 countries. Then, extend time given to projects helping others or the planet throughout the year.
  7. Share ideas on Join the conversation about “doing good” with this interactive online community of more than 17 million people. Unifying diverse groups from around the globe, this offers a place to connect and share inspiring ideas with an ever-growing collective including more than 1 million joining each month.

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