Ursula Salvador, Tony Dominguez de Haro and Isabel Dominguez de Haro attend as Antonio Dominguez de Haro showcases artwork at Art Marbella in Marbella, Spain. (Photo by Johnny Gates/Antonio Dominguez de Haro via Getty Images)

Last December, well into his eighth decade, the celebrated Spanish artist hung his seafloor-inspired artworks for the first time at Art Basel Miami. His unique and innovative style brought him acclaim, with recognition as “the new Spanish Picasso.”

Pioneer of Seafloor Painting and Organic Art

Domínguez de Haro can’t be defined by any existing style. His art is an artefact of intuition and technique. Many consider him the pioneer of seafloor painting and organic art.

The beautiful Mediterranean city of Almuñécar in Granada recently paid tribute to the artist. One of the  main streets was named after the artist. Officials also gave the go-ahead for the creation of the Domínguez de Haro Museum.

Creative Gaze Into Origin of Human Existence

The artist has been diving in the depths of the Mediterranean coast since his childhood. He has been transferring images of the seafloor onto canvas under the creative gaze of one who is intimately acquainted with the very origin of human existence. The anemones, octopi, mermen, coral or rocks come together in the simplicity and complexity of the universe reflected in the ancestral seafloor, endowing it with its characteristic light, texture and color.

Follow Domínguez de Haro’s Work

Domínguez de Haro’s work was recently on view at Art Marbella: Modern and Contemporary Art Show (Marbella, Spain) at the beginning of August. Follow his work at and @Dominguezdeharo.

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