Ken and Linda Regan

assistive-eyewear-Ambler-TheaterThe Ambler Theater in Ambler, PA, recently announced the installation of new closed captioning eyewear and assistive listening headsets. These upgrades were generously underwritten by a number of donors, but spearheaded by the enthusiastic support of Ken and Linda Regan.

Ken and Linda Regan
Ken and Linda Regan

These new systems make use of Ambler Theater’s digital projection systems to provide more comprehensive accessibility to our films for those patrons with hearing or vision difficulties.

This upgrade has been a couple of years in the works, and the system is now installed and operational. The new headphones and closed caption eyewear are currently available at the concession stand.

How does it work? What should patrons wishing to use the equipment expect?

Hearing Enhancement – New headphones are more comfortable and have better volume control. These headphones provide amplified sound for all of the content that we show, including main attractions, special events, Hollywood Classics, National Theatre, Operas and Ballets, and trailers.

Closed Captioning – Certain films include closed captions. We have a set of eyewear from USL, which projects a personal overlay closed caption display on the screen. Look for the Closed Caption logo on Ambler Theater’s website for details regarding which films have closed captioning available.

Visually Impaired Narration – Certain films have a descriptive audio track, which can be accessed through the new headphones. You may request the descriptive audio track from a staff member when collecting your headphones if you are interested in having this channel. Films with Visually Impaired Narration available are listed on the Ambler Theater website with the DVS logo.

Why do only some films have Closed Captioning or Visually Impaired Narration? To have captioning, the filmmakers need to include a caption or narration file in the digital file we are provided. Most of the main attractions have captioning and narration, but the majority of the special event screenings do not.

These systems at sister theaters, the County Theater and Hiway Theater, in the near future.

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