My Mother’s Pearls (of Wisdom)

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When I was 6 years old, the youngest and only girl of four children, my mom started to take me out for lunch every Saturday. My mom and I choose to spend time together because we value each other’s company and ideas. Our days are filled with discussions about stories we have read, movies we have watched and all of our experiences.

Belly Laughter

As we chat together, we’re still overcome with the same belly laughter that propelled us through folding endless
loads of laundry and preparing massive feasts together in the house where I grew up. We still know how to move around each other with ease, instinctively sensing the other’s needs.

Through each phase of life, my mom has stepped up readily to meet the next challenge. She has continued to find excitement in each new day rather than longing for the past. As she flashes her bright smile at anyone lucky enough to cross her path, my mom says that she’s just grateful to wake up — and have another chance to put her feet on the
ground — each morning.

Simple and Joyful Approach

Here are a few of my mom’s pearls of wisdom, which embrace a simple
and joyful approach to life:

Start each day with the possibility of something wonderful happening.
If you get on the wrong train, there’s always another one to take back. 
Either you do, or you don’t. All of the other self-created chaos is wasted energy. 
Listen carefully to others, and enjoy learning from them.  

Revel in small gestures, and offer a smile and kind word. 
Remember when you rose to meet challenges as you take on new ones. 
Decide to be happy, so you’re good company for others. 
Nothing is coming to you. You have to earn it.  

Don’t question your abilities. If something goes wrong, you can always try again. 
Don’t try to read other people’s thoughts, which will complicate your life. 
After you take a bad fall, get back up. Done! 
Accept people for who they are, and enjoy the qualities you admire. 
Always tell yourself that you will find a way to survive life’s “challenges.” 

My relationship with my mom is based on honesty, compassion and comfort in speaking the same language. She finds pleasure in her life by keeping it simple—and sharing her clarity of mind and joyful spirit with those privileged to be in her presence.


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