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Blue Bird and the Kitties by children’s book author Andrea K. Hammer is based on an astonishing real-life experience. One September day, a magnificent peacock unexpectedly appeared at our door–and stayed for 9 months! The result: a story about Blue Bird’s fascination with our kittens, which he watched through the window, and some other memorable lessons learned.

Original Peacock Photos Revealing the Artistry of Nature

Would you like to encourage your children to appreciate artistic details in nature? The original peacock photos in Blue Bird and the Kitties will mesmerize children, friends and family members. Bonus videos (available for purchase) show Blue Bird’s special dance and bow, which will generate an extended discussion about this remarkable creature.

Unique, Entertaining & Educational Children’s Readings 

Children’s readings, featuring a colorful peacock costume, will rivet audiences of all ages during these exciting special events.

Artsphoria Blue Bird mask

You can schedule a reading of Blue Bird and the Kitties at the following:

  • Bookstores
  • Community centers
  • Libraries

For information about these and other special events in the Philadelphia area, email If supplies are provided, a mask-making session may be included. When the dates and times are confirmed, please make your payment to reserve your session:

On-Site Reading

On-Site Reading and Mask-Making Session

If you’re at a distance, you may also buy podcast and video editions of Blue Bird and the Kitties for repeated use and hours of entertainment.

Podcast Reading

Video Reading

Thank you for your purchase and donation, supporting the arts and encouraging creativity in children!