Best Ice Cream Shops in the Philadelphia Area

May 30, 2017 0

One weekly ritual guaranteed to increase our joy is an ice cream excursion in the Philadelphia area. We have been exploring local venues in search of the best brands and our favorite flavors. Some of […]


Plea to Health Care Professionals

August 17, 2016 0

By Andrea K. Hammer With the elderly living into their 80s and beyond, greater sensitivity is needed for their long-term care. Health care professionals are facing their own intense pressures–from malpractice suits to over-scheduling and “corporate” re-organization. Despite […]


Arts Puzzle Contest

July 9, 2016 0

Have you hit a bump or fork in the road, where the next step is challenging or puzzling? Are you recovering from an injury and searching for an engaging activity, which is visually appealing and […]


Simple Pleasures by the Ocean: NEW Podcast

April 18, 2016 0

By Andrea K. Hammer As we drive around the Circle in Atlantic City, heading up Ventnor Avenue, I roll down the window and fill my lungs with sea air. The seagulls glide overhead, with their […]


New View of the City*

April 1, 2016 1

By Andrea K. Hammer If you want to experience the city from a new vantage point, try navigating the streets with an elderly person. When you accompany someone with mobility issues, be prepared for an […]

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Seeds of Hope: New Podcast!

September 7, 2015 1

By Andrea K. Hammer The gardening cult puzzles some folks. But for members, digging our hands in the earth helps us to make peace with—or take a rest from—grappling with life’s mysteries. The man I […]