Dancing With the Stars Dust-Up: Channeling Len Goodman’s Comments

By Andrea K. Hammer

Distractions clouded this week’s “#Dancing With The Stars” (DWTS) showdown. Like many competitions, side issues often shifted the focus from the main event: dance!

Len Goodman‘s voice of reason was sorely missed at the judges’ desk. He is in the UK for a few weeks, judging contestants on the British TV show “Strictly Come Dancing.”

In his absence, here are some of his channeled viewpoints. Simply visualize the disapproving eyeball rolls and exasperated facial expressions while reviewing this week’s complications from his empty seat.

“That’s Not My Cup of Tea on DWTS”

Wearing a Victoria’s Secret-like “costume,” Amber Rose followed Maks Chmerkovskiy‘s horizontal choreography. Despite the judges’ praise, Len Goodman probably would have objected with a thundering: “That’s not a proper tango!”

The Respect My Vote! campaign recently announced that Amber Rose is the current celebrity spokesperson. The model from Philadelphia is also an activist, entrepreneur and published author. Through her not-for-profit organization, the Amber Rose Foundation, she has spoken out about female empowerment and equality.

“Dance Cuts Through Differences on DWTS”

After the “tango” for advertising dollars on DWTS, Amber Rose addressed Julianne Hough‘s previous “body shaming” remarks during the week 3 performance. During an open-mic moment, Julianne had referred to feeling “uncomfortable” while watching Amber dance. Right before Monday night’s judging round, Amber suggested moving forward while Julianne Hough re-affirmed her belief that dance cuts through all types of differences.

If Len Goodman had been present, he would simply shake his head and say, “Let’s get back to dancing and move on with the show!”

Lighting Misses the Mark on DWTS

During increasingly ramped-up lighting maneuvers, DWTS set designers made it nearly impossible to follow couples on stage. Maybe producers want the billowing smoke and kaleidoscopic lighting to keep viewers’ eyes away from less than qualified footwork. Babyface‘s performance with partner Allison Holker was no exception.

Although the swirling spotlights created striking visual interest, even Babyface admitted that he missed the mark during their disjointed routine to “Come Together” by The Beatles. Apparently America agreed, sending Babyface packing with Vanilla Ice–in a unique pairing of names.

What would Len have said? “Well done! We don’t need any shenanigans.”

Vote for Your Favorite Dancers on DWTS

What are your thoughts about this week’s dance dust-up on DWTS? Who are some of your favorite remaining dancers, and why? Post your comments now!

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