Arts Puzzle Contest

The puzzle queens completed this 1,000-piece Broadway masterpiece. How many of these shows did you see, and which ones are your favorites?

travel poster puzzleHave you hit a bump or fork in the road, where the next step is challenging or puzzling? Are you recovering from an injury and searching for an engaging activity, which is visually appealing and will let your mind wander? During a family member’s rehabilitative period, Artsphoria’s team has become fascinated with the beauty of arts jigsaw puzzles.

doors puzzlePuzzle- and Problem-Solving Strategies

Like all puzzles, these arts jigsaw puzzles have required effective problem-solving strategies. Here is our general approach, which can be applied to solving other challenges or completing massive projects:

  1. Find the straight edges to form a frame.
  2. Tackle smaller subsections with similar colors and patterns.
  3. Look for interlocking shapes that snap together with ease vs. force.

bookstore puzzleBenefits of Working on Arts Puzzles

Besides offering a visually appealing activity focusing on cultural themes, an arts jigsaw puzzle provides many other benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Immersion in an entertaining and unifying activity
  2. Way to strengthen eye-hand coordination
  3. Colorful visual stimulation and promotion of alertness
This movie-poster puzzle stirred up a debate about our favorite films. Vote for top picks featured in this fabulous arts puzzle, and let us know about other recommendations.
This movie-poster puzzle prompted a favorite-film discussion. Vote for your top picks featured in this fabulous arts puzzle, and let us know about others with cultural themes.

Beat the Puzzle Queens’ Time, and Share Your Favorite Jigsaw Puzzles

By working together as a team, our puzzle queens have completed each of these 1,000-piece arts puzzles in only a week. Can you beat their time, and share your favorite jigsaw puzzles? Game on to solve the arts puzzle challenge!

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