Aaah, Paris!

Artsphoria Craft Boutique’s Paris Pillow allows you to enjoy this extraordinary city right at home!

If you’ve had the good fortune of traveling to Paris, you can always turn to this glowing vision in your mind. Whenever needed, you can call up memories of seeing the Eiffel Tower and sipping coffee along the Champs-Élysées. If you focus intently, you can almost remember the taste of a divine piece of chocolate, which made you feel like you had truly arrived in heaven.

Taste of Paris Right at Home

After you experience a magical trip to Paris, the only trouble is that you now feel bereft when you arrive back home. The only consolation until you can return is to create a personal haven with an authentic taste of Paris. To help you find comfort, Artsphoria Craft Boutique has created an elegant Paris pillow, so you can escape back into your dream.

This elegant item is also perfect for:

  • Gifts on special occasions like Mother’s Day
  • Boutique and retail shop specialty items
  • Interior designers looking for the perfect accent

Have Pillow, Will Travel!

For those of you planning a trip to Paris, this pillow will help you rest during hours of travel. To help you keep track of your bags and belongings, you can also place a custom order for other pieces in the same beautiful fabric. Some of these include:

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Share Your Stories About Traveling to Paris, and Place an Order Now

Can you describe your experiences and some of the highlights from a trip to Paris? What places would you recommend to a new visitor, and why? After you post your comments, place an order for Artsphoria Craft Boutique’s Paris Pillow now!




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