Sew Inspired: Compass for a New Creative Chapter

My grandmother's 1811 Singer Sewing Machine provided inspiration for a new creative chapter in my life. (Photo copyright 2016 Artsphoria/Andrea K. Hammer)

By Andrea K. Hammer

For years, my grandmother’s 1811 Singer sewing machine lived in the second den of the home where I grew up. The machine magically folded into a painted red table, so it was generally out of view.

However, like my grandmother’s strong spirit, it held a powerful presence and became a compass for a new chapter in my life.

Generational Gifts of Creative Handiwork & Cultural Interests

Nearby in the same room was an upright piano, which my mother scrimped to buy. She shaved off $10s and $20s from her expense funds until she could purchase the instrument and schedule our lessons. With the same determination as my grandmother, she wanted to plant these cultural seeds, so we could turn to them for nourishment and comfort throughout our lives.

Saving Grace of Artistic & Meditative Projects

Art, dance, music, theater, writing, reading and crafting have been our lifelong saving grace. Through these generational gifts, I have gathered strength and discovered the following:

  • Creative pastimes refresh the spirit, particularly during trying times.
  • Meditative activities like sewing and crocheting are good reminders that goals are achieved step by step and stitch by stitch.
  • Artistic endeavors encourage new perspectives and innovative approaches.

Thrill of New Creative Chapters

Throughout our lives, the challenge is to keep stretching and growing in new directions. As I listen to the musical hum of my sewing machine and watch it rhythmically form even stitches, I feel at peace. My surprising new interest in sewing has allowed me to tap into a new form of creative expression, combining my love of art with an equal passion for words.

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