Welcome to the Expanded Edition of Artsphoria!

The original image for Artsphoria is still the core of this expanded magazine and shop.

Back in 2004, when Artsphoria’s talented photographer captured this remarkable photo of a butterfly landing exactly in the center of a flower, nature’s magic allowed us to create a visual reality. As nature lovers, we were enchanted with our good luck of this extraordinary placement, which simultaneously represented growth and flight.

With equal vision, Artsphoria’s skilled board member also coined the name of our website: blending the words “arts” and “euphoria.” After he listened to us enthuse about the way art, dance, theater and more enlivened our lives, Artsphoria was born. More than a decade later, both the image and name still make my heart skip with joy and provide me with a source of endless creative inspiration!

As many of you know, coming up with a name and image that go the distance for your growing business is often a challenge. With luck, your undertakings and enterprise will expand while your core concept remains steady as a guiding force. The words that I embedded in this image, focusing on the arts and a desire to publicize others’ innovative work, have continued to drive the evolution of Artsphoria.

Enlarged Focus: Intersection of Arts, Business, Health and More

During each stage of Artsphoria, I began to recognize how the arts impacted other areas of our life. The intersection between creativity and innovation was an ongoing fascination, which led to an increasing focus on business. Now, as my family has faced several health crises, I’ve come to realize that creative thinking is critical for finding your way out of health-care mazes.

Beyond that, our cultural interests have remained our unwavering salvation.

Here, in the expanded edition of Artsphoria Magazine–a lifelong dream finally come true–you will find some of our personal stories collected together in one location. Some were published elsewhere over the years but assembling them on Artsphoria’s pages is my way of:

  • Reconnecting with these sparks
  • Unifying our experiences
  • Making sense of life’s chapters

In addition, we hope to share some creative tips for coping with these situations and useful information in one location. Since we’ve spent time running around and searching for solutions, which were not readily available, we hope to support those in similar circumstances. We also look forward to reading your stories about the ways that the arts and innovative thinking have helped you find answers in all areas of your life.

Handmade Home Decor Items and Unique Gifts Featured in Artsphoria Shop

During this latest chapter, I had few words left to describe the unspeakable. As a source of comfort, I turned to other creative outlets like sewing, which stilled my mind like crocheting. Like my time spent writing, the results surprised me–I watched as creations popped out, as if from another’s hands.

To finish these handcrafted pieces, I found myself crowning them with a single word. As before, I consider each one a jewel. Blending a love of fiber arts with words has taken me down a welcome path and allowed me to tap into a new form of creative expression.

Each night, I continued working on my handmade collection, which started to grow. I rediscovered my sense of joy making home decor pieces from arts-inspired fabric and creating my own nature-inspired designs. The result of that creative outlet has blossomed into Artsphoria Shop.

Contact Artsphoria to Advertise Your Innovative Work and Support the Arts!

Are you searching for a unique handmade gift and a way to support arts journalism in this expanded edition of Artsphoria? Are you interested in placing a creative advertisement on any page of Artsphoria Magazine to endorse the work of artists, writers and performers? Would you like to submit your stories for possible publication and discover a new home?

Email info@artsphoria.com, and celebrate arts euphoria now!




About Andrea Hammer 222 Articles
Andrea K. Hammer, founder and director of Artsphoria Magazine & Shop, is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. She has published articles in international publications. Through this expanded edition of Artsphoria, she invites fellow artists, writers, innovators and creative thinkers to join our conversation!

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