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Just completed a 14 X 20 version of this music lover's pillow as a gift from a piano student for her teacher's bench. Celebrating all of the inspirational music teachers who shape our lives!
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Courtesy of the Guggenheim

Photo-Poetics: An Anthology
at the Guggenheim 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum presents Photo-Poetics: An Anthology, an exhibition documenting recent developments in contemporary photography and consisting of photographs, videos and slide installations by 10 international artists. With more than 70 works by Claudia Angelmaier, Erica Baum, Anne Collier, Moyra Davey and others, the exhibit runs from November 20, 2015–March 23, 2016, and presents a focused study into the nature, traditions, and magic of photography in the context of the rapid digital transformation of the medium. ​​

The artists in the exhibition attempt to rematerialize the photograph through meticulous printing, using film and other disappearing photo technologies. Drawing on the legacies of Conceptualism and invested in exploring the processes and techniques of photography, they are also deeply interested in how photographic images circulate. Theirs is a sort of “photo poetics,” an art that self-consciously investigates the laws of photography and the nature of photographic representation, reproduction, and the photographic object.

​​The works in the exhibition, rich with detail, reward close and prolonged regard; they ask for a mode of looking that is closer to reading than the cursory scanning fostered by the clicking and swiping functionalities of smartphones and social media. Both the exhibition and its accompanying catalogue are conceived as anthologies, as independent vehicles to introduce each artist’s important and unique practice.​​