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Adored making  Artsphoria's music lover's pillow as a gift from a piano student for her teacher's bench. Custom sizes available for all hand-crafted items.
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Artsphoria's Travel to Paris round pillow. Matching tote bag and device covers.
Kick up your energy with this striking dancer-themed bag. Available as a messenger bag cover, padded tote or gym bag with inner lining.
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Artsphoria's Tribute to Monet pillow (24 x 24) will add a museum-like conversation piece to your home, office, studio or boutique.
Artsphoria's Patchwork of Hope series supports people & pets in need of a home. Please place orders & contribute today!
Photo of Kerry Washington courtesy of Getty Images

​​​The Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the oldest theatrical organization in the United States, welcomed Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominated actress, KERRY WASHINGTON to Harvard University, where she received her Woman of the Year Award. Click theater for more.
Acclaimed glass artist Michael Taylor's solo exhibition Particles: Something Out of Nothing, kicks off the 2nd Annual Art Glass Weekend in Sarasota at Alfstad& Contemporary. One of the most innovative artists and educators at work today, Taylor is renowned for his unique geometric fused-glass sculptures that distribute rays of light to create colorful plays and subtle nuances of refractions and reflections. His distinctive work in this show, running through Feb. 26,  features 10 new cold-cut pieces, 5 formerly displayed works and 10 digital prints created in collaboration with Alfstad& Contemporary.