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24HRS2MC®, 2011, Designed by Bruce Mau, Canadian, born 1959

Work on What You Love: Bruce Mau Rethinking Design

The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents an exhibition celebrating the achievements of a renowned designer and author. Work on What You Love: Bruce Mau Rethinking Design encompasses a wide range of innovative work, from book and branding designs to strategies for countries, corporations and universities as well as collaborations with filmmakers, artists and writers. It is the first exhibition to explore Mau’s provocative and influential design thinking, focusing primarily on the last 10 years and including current projects along with others based on his work as creative director of Bruce Mau Design (1985-2010).

The exhibition, on view through April 3, 2016, focuses on key design principles that Mau created for his consultancy, Massive Change Network, which he founded in 2010. These principles, 24 in total, offer a kind of working toolbox, intended to demonstrate the power of design to generate positive change in any arena. Nine of them are examined in the exhibition, illuminating Mau’s thinking in the form of graphics, objects, videos, and digital interactives.

Mau’s principle First Inspire: Design Is Leadership, Lead by Design is represented by examples of his work with an interdisciplinary design program he founded in concert with the School of Design at Toronto’s George Brown College.

The principle We Are Not Separate from or Above Nature is reflected in technical drawings, concept books, and architectural photography from his program development for Biomuseo, the Museum of Biodiversity in Panama City, Panama. They show how the designer conceived the new interpretive galleries in the building created by architect Frank Gehry. This section will come to life through a multimedia panorama that tells the story of Panama’s rich biodiversity.

Mau’s Design the Invisible principle is highlighted by the “Live Positively” global sustainability platform for Coca-Cola International (2009) and Coca-Cola’s collaboration with Pennsylvania-based furniture company Emeco. Manufactured out of upcycled plastic bottles, Emeco’s “Navy 111 chair”composed of 111 Coke bottles, is surrounded by production photography, video, animation, and other materials conceived for the project.