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Just completed a 14 X 20 version of this music lover's pillow as a gift from a piano student for her teacher's bench. Celebrating all of the inspirational music teachers who shape our lives!
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NEW: Travel to Paris round pillow--right in your own home, studio or boutique. Matching tote bag, device covers and custom orders welcome!
NEW: Kick up your energy with this striking dancer-themed bag. Available as a messenger bag cover, padded tote or gym bag with inner lining and special requests.
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NEW: This outdoor tropical paradise pillow will add a colorful accent in your backyard retreat. Request any size!
NEW: Outdoor watercolor blossom pillow will lull you into a peaceful reverie and spark your creativity.
JM Brodrick: September 2015 Feature Show at Lawrence Gallery

JM Brodrick presents an exhibition of all-new paintings at Lawrence Gallery Sheridan Wine Country location during the month of September 2015. This collection of award-winning acrylic paintings includes a wide range of themes. JM Brodrick's serene and peaceful works often include drama and poetic tenderness. Passages edge toward abstraction within the bounds of realism, while her method of layering colors results in glowing hues. A balance of color in harmony is reminiscent of the way a composer combines notes to form a symphony.